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Natural funerals are part of cultures around the world. The act of cremation is still considered by many cultures to be a natural way of honoring the body and the loved one's life. You may not know there are many other forms of natural funerals and burials that do not deal solely with cremation practices. If your area funeral home offers natural funeral, memorial, or burial services here are some of the options you can consider.

Chemical Free Burial

Chemical-free burial deals with the body preparation being free of any chemical preservation methods. The most common chemical process is embalming. The embalming process helps preserve the body for the funeral, especially when there are several days between the passing and the funeral itself. Some people find this exposure to chemicals unnecessary and want to avoid it. A chemical-free burial requires the burial to happen within a specific number of days following the passing. The body preparation is simply to clean and dress the body. Even the casket is natural to allow the natural process of the body entering its final stages.


Cremation is the most common type of funeral process and body preparation for natural burials. Though there are several debates on the environmentally friendly aspects of the process, the process still allows for chemical-free preparations. Cremation speeds the process of the body breakdown and results in cremains, or ashes. The cremains placement options are open to various concepts and urns that are also natural. 

Urn Choices

For some people, it is not necessarily all about a chemical-free burial preparation. Burial carrier options are also a concern. For example, a traditional funeral offers a casket as a burial carrier. Many of these caskets do not leave a natural option open as an end result of the burial process. The caskets are made of materials that do not break down. They may also be made of materials that could leak chemicals as they break down. With that in mind, you may want natural wood caskets, bamboo caskets, or urns that allow the cremains to develop into nature. Keep in mind that there are now cremation urns and memorials that blend into nature as well as break down into nature as well. 

If any of these natural funeral options appeal to you, contact your area funeral home. The director will discuss your options and help you choose. They will also help guide you to the option that fits your ideals and is most comfortable for you. Once you choose the option you feel comfortable with, you can begin your funeral pre-planning. 

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