Talk to Your Loved One About Dealing With Their Possessions Before Their Death

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If you have a loved one who health is beginning to decline, it's important to take some time to talk about his or her post-death wishes. Planning the funeral in advance ensures that the service honors your loved one in the right way, but this important discussion shouldn't end with the details of the service. It's also critical to talk to your family member so you have a clear idea of how to proceed with his or her valued possessions. While lesser items can be sold or donated, your loved one may have specific wishes for other items. Here are some specific things to ask about.

Items to Be Kept in the Family

There's a strong likelihood that your loved one has a number of possessions that he or she wants kept in the family after passing away. This discussion needs to be had so that you'll know how to proceed. Your loved one may point you toward jewelry, cherished collections, art, and assorted family heirlooms that he or she wants to give to family members.

In some cases, the person may wish to even hand these things out in person, which can be a cherished experience for the family. For example, a child who gets his grandfather's watch may choose to wear it to the funeral service as a tribute.

Items to Be Donated

There may be a chance that your loved one has a number of charities close to his or her heart. While there may be money for a charity in your family member's will, he or she may also want certain possessions given to a specific charity or multiple charities. For example, if the person loves animals, he or she may ask that all the bedding from the house be given to a local dog shelter, as these items can be used for bedding for the animals.

Items to Be Sold

You may not know which of your loved one's possessions have a high value, so it's important to discuss which things he or she would like to be sold. In some cases, you may wish to sell these things before death to help with the funeral costs, but it may also be preferable to sell them afterward when you're dealing with the estate.

For example, your loved one could have some antique dishes that you simply see as old and common, but that are actually rare and valuable. Knowing this information will ensure that your family gets as much as possible in the estate, which is something that your loved one likely wants.

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24 February 2017

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